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Doodle Jump is a video game developed and published by Lima Sky for Windows Phone, iOS, BlackBerry, Android, Java Mobile (J2ME), and Nokia Symbian and soon on the Xbox 360 for the Kinect platform. It was released worldwide for iOS on April 6, 2009, and was later released for Android and Blackberry on March 2, 2010, Symbian on May 1, 2010, and Windows Phone 7 on June 1, 2011. It was released for the iPad on September 1, 2011 with a price of 2.99US$, slightly more than original 0.99US$ on iTunes and Android Market.Since its release, the game has been generally well-received. The game PapiJump by SunFlat inspired the gameplay of Doodle Jump. The game is currently available on nine platforms.
Doodle Jump was renowned for its enormous selling rate by iTunes standards, which counted 25,000 copies sold daily for 4 consecutive months (later taken over by Angry Birds). As of December, 2011, the game sold 10 million copies over iTunes and Android Market and reached 15 million downloads across all platforms.

In Doodle Jump the aim is to guide a four-legged creature called "The Doodler" up a never-ending series of platforms without falling. The left side of the playing field is connected with the right side. For devices with an accelerometer, players tilt the device from side to side to move the Doodler in the desired direction. Players can get a short boost from various objects, such as propeller hats, jetpacks, rockets (having the longest boost), springs, trampolines and invulnerability shields (some levels only). There are also monsters and UFOs that the Doodler must avoid, shoot, or jump on to eliminate. Aiming is performed by tapping on different parts of the screen, on the Android and Windows Phone versions of the game there is also an automatic aim mode. Depending on the game mode being played, projectiles may fly in a straight line off the screen or be affected by gravity and fall downwards. There is no definitive end to the game, but the end for each gameplay session happens when the player falls to the bottom of the screen, jumps into a monster, gets sucked into a black hole, or is abducted by a UFO. Players can choose from several different themes including Original, Graveyard, Christmas, Rainforest, Space, Soccer World Cup, Easter, Underwater or Halloween. The themes change the look of the Doodle Jumper, his enemies, and the background. After losing the game at least 500 times (600 in the BlackBerry version) the Doodler is given the opportunity to wear a pickle costume. Furthermore, the player may enter the names of one of the Pocket God pygmies and the Doodler will turn into one of pygmies. Alternatively, the player can enter the name "Bunny" and the Doodler will wear a bunny suit, just like the one in the Easter stage.The lowest score a player can achieve is 0 and the highest 15 million.

Doodle Jump sold 10 million copies on iTunes and Android Market to date, and reached over 15 million downloads across all platforms currently available.
It is one of the highest ranked applications on Apple's App Store (iOS).
Doodle Jump has received favorable reviews from fans and critics alike, with TouchGen mentioning the fact that the game is 'fun as heck' and also praising the sound and cartoon graphics which they feel give the game charm. The review ends by saying that the game is a 'joy to play' and that it's obvious that a 'lot of love went into this game.' Fans of the game have mentioned the addictive nature of the game and on forums throughout the internet it is consistently mentioned as being in people's top smartphone games, alongside other successful games such as the popular Angry Birds.

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